Dukia Trading

Dukia Gold has physical, digital and virtual trading platforms for gold products such as bullion bars & coins.

Dukia Trading

Dukia Gold & Precious Metals Refining Co. Limited formally launched its Gold marketing and raw materials’ purchasing programme on Tuesday June 9, 2020 with necessary support from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Dukia Gold has setup Buying Centres around Nigeria where miners of raw gold and urban gold traders such as jewellery owners and electronic scrap sellers can trade their precious metals.

Dukia Gold also has an international raw material acquisition programme were we procure gold ore and gold dore from countries around Africa.

Dukia Gold is an agnostic aggregator and product buyer of responsibly sourced gold & precious metals. We work with Artisanal Mining Cooperatives, Small Scale Miners & Junior Miners and we have achieved success in intensive Urban and Rural mining with initiatives that continuously create high-grade dores and recyclable household alloys from primary & residual tailings Gold, mineral ores and scrap metals across Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

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