Dukia Mining

Dukia Gold Produces gold as backward integration to the Dukia Gold refinery

Dukia Mining

Dukia Gold has several mining investment services. These are:


Dukia Gold has control over several mining leases, small scale leases and exploration licenses. Dukia Gold uses these licenses to produce gold as backward integration into our refinery.

Exploration and Prospecting

Dukia Gold is constantly exploring and prospecting for gold. Dukia Gold has control over several exploration leases. In addition, Dukia Gold has enetered into Joint Venture agreements with Exploration license holders to carry out prospecting services on the exploration site.

Precious Metals Streaming

Dukia Gold has establish a streaming arrangement with miners in Nigeria. We make payments of a large up-front deposit (or a series of payments upon achieving certain milestones) to operators in exchange for the right to purchase all, or a specified percentage, of the production of gold and other precious metals at a predetermined price. Dukia Gold is providing valuable financing to the operator in developing, constructing, or expanding its mining operation, or to refinance existing debt.

Dukia Elution and Beneficiation

Dukia Gold has several elution and beneficiation plants setup around Nigeria. These beneficiation plants services solid minerals from Dukia Gold's sites and third party sites.

Shared Mining Services

Dukia Gold is providing shared mining services such as the necessary plant, machinery, equipment and outsourced personnel required by the mine operators.

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